A Bit About Me…


I was surrounded by art from a young age, the perks of having an artist as a mum i suppose! I remember the smell of her studio; the oil paint and thinners, the seemingly random ‘treasures’ collected on dog walks and beach holidays, the eager anticipation and excitement when getting to get my hands dirty and try new things. We would take day trips to the various galleries in london, at the weekends and on holidays. I used to love copying the different paintings and drawing strangers on the train. I wasn’t a fan of school but I loved the art department, specifically ceramics. There is something about transforming an inanimate piece of clay into something, anything, something to hold. I had no doubt in my mind that I would be an artist, i just didn’t know, at that point, what being an artist actually meant. I knew what I’d experienced but I didn’t yet know the world beyond and what it had in store. 

Having studied art and design at college I moved to Scotland in search of something more. I found the outdoors and trained and worked as an outdoor instructor. Being surrounded by the rugged natural beauty, of this amazing place, constantly inspired me to make something, but there wasn’t always time. It’s amazing how life has a way of getting in the way of life! My work in the outdoors took me to many parts of the world and gave me many beautiful experiences.  

Fast forward 20 years and I find myself in my studio, contemplating ‘world domination’; reminiscing about my first tattoo experience and how all my experiences, decisions and relationships have lead me to this moment. When I first picked up a tattoo machine I had the same feelings that I had in my mums art studio, all those years ago. Eager anticipation and excitement to see where it would take me. The learning curve has been huge and I am most definitely obsessed. I love developing and learning and seeing my art come to life, more literally now than i could have ever imagined!